About Me

I am a graduate of UC Berkeley (Cal) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  My passion is solving difficult problems and learning new skills.  Although my degree is in Mechanical Engineering, I have found that I get the most enjoyment out of software-based problems and solutions.  Having a mechanical background gives me a unique understanding of the physical world that I can translate into software solutions to physical (or cyberphyisical) problems.

One thing that I pride myself in is being able to handle all aspects of a project from design to prototype to final validation.  This includes mechanical design, machining/fabrication, assembly, software development, prototype testing, and iteration of the whole process to produce a functioning product.

Pre-Covid, I was a volunteer mentor for a FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Team: Team 4999 Momentum Robotics.  The FRC program is dedicated to introducing hands-on robotic-based STEM opportunities for high school students.  I worked to pass on my knowledge in mechanical design, CAD, programming, prototyping, business, and project management, as well as oversaw and demonstrated proper hands-on work with fabrication and robotics.

Resume: Andrius Raulinaitis – Resume

LinkedIn: Andrius Raulinaitis – LinkedIn

Engineering Skills: JavaScript (browser, Node, React/React Native) | PHP | C++ (Arduino) | MATLAB, LabVIEW | Galil Motion Control Jira | Slack | SAP | Oracle | GitHub | GrabCAD | Office Suite

Machine Shop: Engine Lathe | Vertical Mill |CNC Mill (CAM) | Drill Press | Bench Grinder | Belt Sander

3D Printing: 3D Systems Projet HD3000 | EnvisionTEC (most platforms) | Makerbot Replicator 2X | Afinia H-Series | Lulzbot (Taz and Mini) | XYZ da Vinci Jr. | Ender 5 | Basic knowledge of SLM 500 Systems (Metal AM) | Prusa MK3s

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