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I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (Cal) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  My passion is research and robotics/automation.  I devoted my upper division coursework to control systems and automation, including: Linear Control Systems (introduction and second level), Vehicle Dynamics and Control, Mechatronics Deisgn, and Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems.  I served as a Researcher and Co-Director of the Micro Mechanical Methods for Biology (M3B) Laboratory, a subset of the Liwei Lin Laboratory.  As a Researcher, I designed, manufactured, and tested novel microfluidic devices utilizing multi-jet 3D printing.  As Co-Director, I managed multiple research groups’ meetings and work direction while still participating in the research.

Most recently (and currently), I am an R&D Mechanical Engineer at 3D printing leader EnvisionTEC.  I work both independently and with a team of other engineers to research new products and methods for 3D printing as well as create mechanical designs, test prototypes, and create machining and assembly drawings for production.  I also assist with the programming development of prototypes, utilizing my skills with Arduino (similar to C++) and LabView.

I also volunteer as a mentor for a local FRC Team 4999: Momentum Robotics.  The FRC program is dedicated to introducing hands-on robotic-based STEM opportunities for high school students.  I help by passing my knowledge in mechanical design, CAD, programming, and prototyping, as well as overseeing and demonstrate proper hands-on work with fabrication and robotics.

Resume: Andrius Raulinaitis – Resume

LinkedIn: Andrius Raulinaitis – LinkedIn

Monster: Andrius Raulinaitis – Monster

Engineering Skills: MATLAB | Simulink | SolidWorks |AutoCAD | LabVIEW | C++ (Arduino) | Fluigent | Sensirion | Galil Motion Control

Machine Shop: Engine Lathe | Vertical Mill | Drill Press | Off-Hand Grinder | Belt Sander

3D Printing: 3D Systems Projet HD3000 | EnvisionTEC (most platforms) | Makerbot Replicator 2X | Afinia H-Series | Lulzbot (Taz and Mini) | XYZ da Vinci Jr.


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