I’ve made a few pages to give overviews of a few of my projects. Click the images to go to the project page.

Discord Movie Voting Bot

The Coding Train: Coding Challenges

Self-Leveling Table

Self-Leveling Table: MkII

Highway Traffic Simulation


The rest of my public projects can be seen on my GitHub: https://github.com/araulinaitis.

The software I developed for EnvisionTEC, Divergent3D, and ManiMe is private and cannot be shared.

Mechanical (CAD)

These are designs that I have made in SolidWorks, some for research at UC Berkeley, and some on my own.  Unfortunately, most of the CAD I’ve done as created for EnvisionTEC or Divergent 3D and are confidential/proprietary so I cannot post them here, but I will post images of the work I’ve done that are published by the companies.  Machines that I have designed for EnvisionTEC include the Micro+ upgrade to Micro+ cDLM, Vida cDLM, envisionOne, and SLCOM 1 machines.  I was the originator of the idea and design for EnvisionTEC’s “domeless” cDLM basements.

This is a small retainer clip holder that I replicated for one of the mentors on my robotics team.  It’s a clip holder for the cargo cover in a Nissan Pathfinder.  His original one broke and he gave me the broken original (glued back together and missing pieces) and asked me to make a new one.  It took a few iterations, but I finally got it dialed in and delivered.  And it’s happy to see you!

3 patent images showing the design of the “domeless” cDLM basement.  The premise of the design was to use micro-molded PDMS (silicone rubber) that has a high Oxygen permeability with built-in “supports” to prevent the top surface of the internal cavity from deflecting.  Although I am not at the company anymore, this seems to be the main basement type used by EnvisionTEC for cDLM machines.  Various methods were evaluated through multiple prototypes to determine the most reliable way to deliver Oxygen to the device. https://patents.google.com/patent/US10335997B2

This is the design for a continuously-rotating ultrasonic cutter used on the SLCOM 1 at Envisiontec.  It uses angular contact bearings and a belt drive to hold and control the cutter. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20170326861A1

Giftcard holder for my parents for Christmas. Why get a normal envelope when you can 3D print a cool holder?


Microfluidic “DNA”:  Each “backbone” has four colored channels that travel the length of the backbone, as well as “touch” in the center to create DNA bond pairs.  The inner channels of all tubes are 500 microns.  This was made in SolidWorks and printed on the Projet HD3000 to show the capabilities of multi-jet modeling.

Cal Rotated

Microfluidic “Cal” Logo: Another multi-jet modeling demonstration modeled directly from the Univeristy of California “Cal” logo.  There is one continuous channel that is 200 microns tall that allows the whole inner cavity to be filled with fluid.  This was printed on the Projet HD3000.

Cal Inner

“Cal”-Shaped Microfluidic Channel: The outer diameter of this cylinder is 2mm.  The darker “Cal” logo is a hollow channel through the length of the cylinder.  This was printed on the Projet HD3000.  This demonstrates the intricate details that can be accomplished with multi-jet modeling, even suspended features (the inside of the “a” and “l”).

bracket full

Slackline Bracket:  I was asked to design an aluminum slackline bracket given only basic dimensions.  The final product was machined using a CNC mill.

Acoustic Guitar:  I created a SolidWorks rendition of my acoustic guitar for use in our Capstone project.  The guitar is accurate to scale and all parts are individually modeled, allowing for movement of the tuning pegs.

Razor Stand Cal

Rocking Razor Stand: I designed a 3D printed razor stand to hold both straight edge and DE razors when not in use.  The stand “rocks” back 15 degrees when there is no razor inserted.  The “Cal” logo is depressed into the base of the stand.

8g servo with round horn

Servo Motor: Small servo motor from our Capstone project (used for strumming).  Dimensions are as measured.

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